This case study is about improving SEO power of a young website with the help of link building. A brief overview about the niche and website prior SEO campaign:

Age: 2 Months

Site type: E-commerce (social media services)

Link profile prior campaign: No links

Targeted keywords overall volume: 12500/Month

Targeted Keyword average difficulty: (Semrush): 59/100 (difficult)

Start of the Link Building Campaign - Month 1 and 2

At first weeks, citations and profile backlinks were added with natural URL and brand anchors with 60% to 40% ratio. After 2 weeks from start of link building site started to gain impressions for long tail keywords of its niche. Link building was continued with Forum (Crowd) Links addition. 20 Forum links were built with drip feeding during 1 Month (4-5 links every week), with long tail descriptive anchors. Links were build predominantly to the homepafe to increase Page Rank and Domain Authority. At the end of the period website appeared in top 100 for some important queries. Website rised from 0-10 Impressions/day to 300-450 Impressions per day.

seo case study phase2

Progression of Link Building Works - Month 3 and 4

In the next 2 Months, the backlink building campaign continued with addition of 5 guest posts with exact and partial match anchors and Forum links continued to be drip-fed at 3-4 link per week rate (long descriptive anchors contaning keywords). At the end of period the website appeared in top 30-40 of target keywords.

Final Stages of Link building - Month 5 and 6

In the final stages of link building 3 niche edits, and 5 PBN links were added with exact and partial match anchors. Website moved to top 5 for target keywords. Website was getting on average 70 clicks a day traffic from buyer oriented e-commerce keywords. Below you can see the search console stats of the website during link building process.

link building case study